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Brandon down under?


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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if Brandon would, at some point in the future, consider doing a tour or event in Australia. I'm sure that there are plenty of fans in this country who would love the chance to go to an event like this without having to travel all the way to America/Europe. I know doing something like this would be a major investment for Brandon and am not suggesting that he drop everything for it. I just want to know if a trip here could be possible at some point, or, if Brandon and his team would consider coming to visit our beautiful country for a while.

What are other people's opinions on this? If any other fans want to know if a trip is in the works, feel free to reply. And if any mods/admin want to crush my dreams with a well-placed WoB or statement, go ahead ^_^.


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He was in Sydney for a convention (I can't remember which one) last year, but that is still pretty far away from most places that aren't Sydney. I think he might have stopped in Perth as well, but I doubt I will see him unless he comes to Melbourne or maybe Adelaide. This was all before Oathbringer was released as well, so he didn't come down to promote that book and he might just not see it as worthwhile coming down here.

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5 hours ago, Kureshi Ironclaw said:

He was in Sydney for a convention (I can't remember which one) last year

damnation, that figures. Just before I started reading his stuff. Oh well, if it's happened before it might happen again. I live in Queensland but I would still probably try and get to Sydney if he was there.

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