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Early I asked someone to spoiler tag some things in Cosmere Discussion because it was OB specific, and the thread was not marked with [OB] 

They responded by quoting the spoiler policy, which no longer states that OB was excluded, and just says All Spoilers. 

Was this intentional? I didn't think this would be the case until the spoiler board died. If that's not the case I have no issue, I just wanted to make sure. 

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No, it is a misinterpretation of the "all spoilers allowed" that is simply the forum description of Cosmere Discussion. Oathbringer spoilers are allowed, but there's the caveats still of the restrictions until August 14th. 

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19 hours ago, BitBitio said:

 So, I noticed someone with a roleplay character with Oathbringer spoilers in it(the character profile), should I tell them to change it?

You can report that profile and we'll tell them to change it. (It's not forbidden to write to users to hide their spoilers, you just really shouldn't hesitate to use that report button. It's not like sending a hitman at someone ;) )

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