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Interesting it's possible that Vasher did that but there was some sort of method to absorb stormlight without becoming Radiant in Roshar after all. It could be either and how much would Endowment's investure(Vasher's returned breath is a splinter after all) interfere with Nightwatcher's boon/bane is a problem tho. 

Even Felt was ignored/denied by Nightwatcher cause he's basically made up of Preservation/Ruin

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Vasher didn't need the Nightwatcher to be able to infuse. That's something that the hole in a Nalthians spiritweb for breath allows if you know how. 



With most magic systems, you've said that you need some sort of gap in your soul for the Investiture to get in. On Nalthis, there's obviously a bit of it that they can give away. Is this how Vasher is able to get Stormlight?

Brandon Sanderson

Oh, is this-- Yeah.



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Isn't it possible Nale killed whoever actually got Nightblood from Nightwatcher as opposed to getting it himself. Being a Herald, he would know who Nightwatcher and Cultivation and would want to stay far, far away.

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