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Hi there. New to the site.


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Hi all. I've only recently become aware of this site and the expansiveness that is the Cosmere. I just finished Words of Radiance about an hour ago and I'm still trying to soak it all in. As of yet I've only read Way of Kinds and Words of Radiance and I'm completely enthralled. I'll be starting Oathbringer here shortly, but based on my current record, it will take me a while to read lol. I look forward to chatting about the Cosmere and learning all the nuances of the universe. 

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Welcome! If you have only read parts of SA, I would avoid a lot of this place, as spoilers are all over. just a friendly warning. Also, be wary of spiked cookies, people stealing breath, and other, possible, dangerous things.

Would you like a fortune cookie? Compliments of TUBA.

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17 hours ago, Archer said:

Welcome! Who's your favourite character?

Thanks. I'd have to say that Kaladin is my absolute favorite. I know it seems a little cliche but I find his character compelling and very human. He struggles constantly with everything that happens to him and those around him. He has very real and palpable emotions that really make me connect to his character. He doesn't instantly become this stereotypical hero who always has the right answer, he always questions himself and had to grow up to understand. 


- Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do- <-----probably my favorite line so far.

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