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VR, anyone?


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So my computer went boom splat sizzle.  I decided to splurge and got myself a fancy $$$ computer and Samsung Odyssey headset w/ remotes.

I spent some time in Skyrim VR, which is very pretty, but also kind of tedious to actually play. 

I've spent the last few days rummaging through free stuff like Valve's "The Lab", which was surprisingly entertaining. Today I got Beat Saber, which is also a lot of fun (currently trying to mess around with custom songs because default list is meh-worthy).

Anyone else play VR? What platform? What games do you recommend?

Edit: Also I've discovered that apparently nothing makes me motion sick, as I decided to jump off a building in VR while standing on a balance board IRL.

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I have an HTC Vive that I use in conjunction with my gaming laptop. I've never played Skyrim VR, I heard from some people that it is hard to control. I really want Beat Saber but I haven't gotten it yet, it's on my wishlist.

Here are some of the games I recommend:

Job Simulator - This is a really well made fun little game. It has four different "jobs" that you can do, Chef, Gas Station Worker, Car Mechanic, and Office worker. In each of the jobs, you are given various tasks to complete. It is very much for the casual gamer or anyone who just wants to relax an mess around in VR. 

Horseshoes, Hotdogs, and Handgranades - By far the leading VR gun simulator. This game has over 150 different guns ranging from old single shot pistles to a minigun. It also has all kinds of attachments and various types of ammo for all the guns. (not to mention the grenades, fireworks, and all the other shenanigans.) There are also about 15 different levels to play on varying from shooting ranges to wave defenses.

To The Top - This is sort of a VR parkour game. It features a large selection of levels that you must work your way through in the fastest time possible. Motion Sickness Warning: This game does not have a teleport to move function. This means that when you move the world appears to move around you instead of you just teleporting around. This style of VR movement can make many people motion sick.

Superhot VR: A simple wave defense game with one difference. Time only moves when you do. This game is a mixture of a shooter and a puzzle game because you can move at your own deliberate pace and you have time to make decisions. (Also, it is really fun to feel like you're in the matrix when you watch bullets move slowly past your head.)

There are other ones I play, but these four are my favorite.


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Added Job Sim, To the Top, and Superhot to my wishlist.  So many games to play, so little time and/or money T^T

I'm loving Windows Mixed Reality, the only downside is that about 1/3 of the VR games are only for Oculus or Vive. So no Sarirento ninjas or Hx3 for me.

And while I don't get motion sickness, I do get a headache after awhile, especially in Beat Saber.  I think it's a mixture of not blinking enough while staring intently into a light screen.

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