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Calamity's Hideout


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While reading Calamity for the millionth time I grew confused at something.  Why hadn't anyone discovered that Calamity was surrounded by a glass satellite?  I know that technology had been crazily reduced but a telescope is common and had been around for years before.  So if anyone had a telescope it would be Knighthawk or one of the other businesses.  I feel like they would have been a tool for the privileged but why wouldn't they think to look at Calamity, the thing dominating their skies?  

Let me know what you think!

Thanks and Good Worldhopping

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There were photos of Calamity. Not very many, but a few. Keep in mind how bright Calamity usually blazed at. Most telescopes wouldn't be able view him properly, or even been able to see the glass surrounding him. But some did know, Prof for instance stated he knew the spacestation was too low for orbital stability, inferring that he knew Calamity was chilling in the ISS.

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