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awaken a sword


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so when nightblood was awakened his command was “destroy evil” i believe. the problem here is that nightblood has no concept of what evil is, so he made up his own test the best he knew how to figure out if you are evil. (if you want to steal him and kill people with him you must be evil).

i feel like there should be some better commands to awaken a sword that would make it more effective. 

maybe “destroy those who would harm those who would not harm”


what would your command be?

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have you read oathbringer? If so: (SPOILER)


Vivenna ("Azure") carries a sword in Oathbringer that appears to be some kind of awakened blade, but much more refined than Nightblood. It's not bleeding investure, and it seems to steal color from victims rather than vaporizing them. And, despite having some kind of sentience, the sword doesn't seem to move by its free will in any way. Until we get a chapter from her perspective though, we don't really know much else, including what kind of command it might have been given. 


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