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Hello from Dallas


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Hey everyone,

Moderate-term fan of Brandon here (I started reading his works around when The Gathering Storm was released), and I'm now addicted to The Stormlight Archive.  As for me, I'm a 41-year old IT guy from the Dallas area, and my interests include reading (duh) primarily fantasy/epic fantasy, some suspense/thriller (a la Tom Clancy), and a few others.  I am also a grad student at UTD finishing up my Master's in CS, and about to start on their PhD program (in CS).


So far I've read the four Mistborn novels, Warbreaker, and the two Stormlight Archive books.  I've got the audiobooks for Elantris, but haven't had a chance to read them yet... that's probably going to be part of my summer reading/listening.


I've been lurking for a bit (and occasionally posting) in the Words of Radiance threads... trying to figure out so many questions that are plaguing me after reading it.. and now I have to wait another two whole years for the third book?  Argh :-)


-- Cheers!

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