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Now worldhopping to the 17th shard...


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I’ve already posted one question, but I thought I should do the introduction, and I am glad to be here. I started reading Mistborn a year ago, and have read nearly nonstop since, only recently finishing OB, finishing off all the current Cosmere novels/novellas. Can’t wait to theorize.

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How about not giving up my Breath...

I’d rather not be a Drab. Thanks for the cookie though!

My favorite character is Hoid. Kind of bandwagon, but I’m a bit fan of his mystery and banter. Following him probably Vin.

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We are unaffiliated with the Ghostbloods. They have an agenda and organization, while we exist to spread cookies, love and hemalurgy everywhere.

As for what metal it is, it could be anything, chances are its not even allomatic. If it is allomatic, just remember that the DA is not responsible for anything that happens to you regarding the cookie, burning invested spikes has been known to have adverse side effects. There is a link to the full disclaimer in my signature.

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