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Potential spoilers for anything related to the cosmere.  


That is a picture on the inside cover of Arcanium Unbound.  *Note - the Rosharian constalationon is a Knight Radiant,  and is facing down, with his sword outstretched,  what we know as The Scar, a constalation in the shape of a dragon. I feel that this is a representation,  if not a litteral symbol,  of either The Knights Radiant or Rosharian itself holding back whatever The Scar represents/is. 

*Also Note - Scadril's constalation is facing away from The Scar,  and towards Nalthis. This can represent two things in my opinion.  Scadril being purposefully or unintentionally ignorent of The Scar. Or,  as seen in the picture, Scadril is breathing onto/into Nalthis.  They are in the same constalation, so somehow they are connected.  We know that the power on Nalthis is Breath.  I don't think its coincidental that the Scadril constalation (possibly representing vin) is breathing what might be Breath,  a combination of possibly stormlight mixed with alomantic mist,  onto Nalthis.  

*The Scar*

These stars at all red,  or reddish,  while the rest of the constalations are blue. My first theory is this is where yolan was (do we know where yolan is already?) And this red starred system is the result of the shattering.  My other theory,  this one most likely far fetched, is that this is possibly another being. One like Andolesium.  And yolan is somewhere behind Roshar and Scadril and those. Thence the stance of Roshar in defence of the constalations.  Possibly an old fight between the two Super Gods,  and the other God highered the 16 shards to kill him.  Then they took the powers for themselves. 

These are just my personal theories. I want to know your theories on this subject and any possible info I got wrong or missed. 


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The scar is visible from Scadrial. They call it the Red Rip



Did the Red Scar, or Red Rip, whatever you want to call it, look the same pre-Shattering as it does now?

Brandon Sanderson

Taln's Scar, or the Red Rip, it's on the map inside [Arcanum Unbounded] did it look the same... before and after the Shattering of Adonalsium? RAFO. source


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The positions are mostly aesthetic.  There might be some thematic relevance, but they're mostly artistic in nature.



Is the relative positioning of the constellations' images significant in any way? For example, the Shardbearer is pointing his blade at the dragon/serpent/monster of the Scar, while Nalthian lady looks like she is blowing Sel's fire out. Do we need to be paying attention to those?

Isaac Stewart

This is more compositional than anything else. Though I wouldn't discount their positions entirely.

Footnote: This is from a private email exchange between Argent and Isaac Stewart.


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