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What’s Lift’s Accent?

Merlin Milvus

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I bought Arcanum Unbounded the other day and was rather baffled by this excerpt, in which Lift and Wyndle were talking.

Wyndle: I had the most magnificent chairs.

Lift: Shars?

Wyndle: Yes, chairs.

(More words)

Lift: Yu* gardened shars?

Wyndle: Of course I gardened chairs.

*It was spelt like this in the text.

Lift is speaking with her mouth full here, but that doesn’t really excuse this wayward pronunciation. Has anything been said about the accent of the Azish peasantry? Is there a real world accent which makes ‘chairs’ sound like ‘shars’? Any help would be appreciated.


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I hate to be a killjoy but as you point out, the text makes it quite clear that she is speaking with her mouth full and she's struggling to talk around the hankerchief; it's right there in the segment you photographed. Since she doesn't have any obvious accent on several of the other words she says under normal circumstances and said 'accent' disappears as soon as she takes the hankerchief out, there's no reason to assume that her pronunciation of 'shars' is anything but the effect of trying to talk with her mouth full.

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