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Digital versions - ComiXology or...?


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Hi guys,

I would like to buy the digital version of White Sand 2 when it comes out (sooon).  I haven't bought digital comics before. I'm thinking ComiXology looks like a good store.

Just wondering if people have any advice on how WS1 was from various sources - as in was the formatting good/bad, is the app good to read with etc?  I have an Android Tablet that should be nice for reading comics on.

(Not really interested in a physical version btw)

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I haven't read White Sand comixology, but I have read other comics and I would recommend it.  I use a computer instead of a tablet but I think it would still work well for you.  They have a mode called Guided View that goes panel by panel instead of page by page which I honestly like, but the normal page at a time still works great for me.  

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