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[OB] Is the Iri religion proof of the Perfection through Unity theory?

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(Please check out the theory before reading this). As we all know, the If I people (or at least some of them) have the belief that they are all part of the One, who shattered into all of them to perfect himself through experience. Remind you of something? :D

Please feel free to Shattering theory so I can perfect it through experience :D

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4 hours ago, LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian said:

See, even though the Lopen is incredibly handsome, I am incredibly stupid (at least from time to time). You're right. How would I delete this thread?

In your original post, click edit, and at the top you'll have a "moderation" or "moderator" options button. Click it. The only option is hide. That will hide the thread. 

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