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There are a set of incorrectly saves WoB's that are scattered across the archive. They are incorrectly spaced, and function weird with things that collect P tags. (Don't ask me what these are, I have no idea :P)

The incorrect ones can be seen by the weird spacing, like this: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/60-firefight-san-francisco-signing/#e6675

The first, blue one, is spaced weird (#35) whereas the second, white one, is spaced correctly (#36). If you find one that is incorrect please post a link here, so that the admins can (eventually) fix them. Grab the link, give a brief summary here (so it is easier to make sure it's not a double post) and post it. This should help the admins find them, Thank you!




Links Master List (Will edit with more posts in topic):


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