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Reen always beating Vin


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I searched this forum for the answer to why Reen repeatedly beat Vin on a regular basis her entire life. Seeing how loyal he was to her at his end confuses me.

I assumed he was trying to snap allomancy into her (apparantly childbirth did it (if it were only so easy for others back then)).

Could there be another darker explanation about Reen. I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, please send me a link to it. Then delete this clutter here.

Thanks Cosmere

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This annotation answers the question, I think.


The scene with Vin and the Inquisitor is the place where, finally, I got to bring some closure to the Reen plotline. What the Inquisitor says is true. When it came down to the end, Reen didn't betray Vin. He died before he let that happen.

Reen was not a good person. He beat Vin, he was selfish, and he was conniving. However, he did love his sister. Most of his beatings happened because he was worried that she would expose them somehow and get herself killed. He knew that the Inquisitors were chasing her because of her half-breed nature, and so he uprooted them constantly, moving from city to city. He kept her alive, teaching her to be harsh, but teaching her to survive.

And, in the end–after the Inquisitors got him–he didn't betray her. That says a lot about him.

Basically it was the only form of consequence he knew. Do something you shouldn't, get beat. Do something you should, don't get beat. He wanted to get across certain lessons, and this was how he reinforced them.

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