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Hello 17th Sharders


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Hi there!  My screen name's include LegitName (obviously), legostuntrally, and LegitGM (Paizo).  I have been a Fanderson/Sanderfan for a few years now.  I have read all 3 Mistborn Era 1 books, all 3 Mistborn Era 2 books, Elantris, Warbreaker, all 3 stormlight archive (finished OB last night), and all 3 reckoners, as well as little bit of Arcanum Unbounded (MSH, Edgedancer).


When I'm not reading Branderson books, I enjoy playing the trombone (pronounced "th-uh - be-st - in-str-EW-m-en-t") in Jazz, Symphonic, and Marching band.  I also play a decent amount of piano.  If you have more questions, just ask - because I may have an answer and may be willing to share!

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