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I am a 16 yr old wannabe writer, and Cosmere fan. AMA


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@NamelessThirteenth If shalebark grows in a forest and no one sees it, how much does tallew cost in Azir? 

Which cosmere world is best suited for your temperament?

Favorite movie?

What is your shardic intent?

If you could  have any cosmere creature as a pet what would you get?

If you were fighting an army of super intelligent groundhogs which cosmere character would you want to have by your side?

Pepsi or Coke?

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@CaptainRyan It's actually something I struggle with, but not because I  think I can't make it. I find it hard because there's so much other stuff to do with my time - between studying, gaming, watching anime and other TV shows, and my other hobbies, there's so much worlds that I build that don't ever get written, and that makes me sad...Time management can do only so much, and even then I'm not too good at it :P:P 

Thanks for your question! Hope my answer was great



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@NamelessThirteenthFrom a fellow aspiring writer, keep at it! I struggle with time management as well so I understand where you're coming from, I'm also very easily distracted so it can be hard for me to focus on my writing. Just keep writing, you'll get there eventually. :) 

And now for my questions:

1: What is your favorite genre of writing? (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.)

2: Do you have a point of view that you prefer to write? (first person, third person, omnipotent third, etc. info about the types can be found here: https://www.nownovel.com/blog/major-narrator-types/)

3:How many books/worlds/series have you created? (This is not what you have actually put on paper, but more how many ideas for worlds/books you have.)

4: If you could genetically engineer any food to be any color, what food and what color would you do?

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@TheVillageIdiot Thanks for the encouragement! Personally:

1. I love writing SFF, though I tend to dabble somewhat in mystery a little. 

2. To be honest, I find third person the easiest. I can write some six different perspectives, and transitions from them feel all smooth, so I prefer that.

3. So...I have one fully developed world (the one I'm writing in now) and I have this...three interconnected planets that's kinda in the back of my head. There's also two loose SF ideas,one setting without a story, and three unique short stories. That's,what, 7? TBH they're all so loose and undeveloped they're basically just one-liners,

And now, for the questions that really matter:

4. I'd make bread black. Just so you can't tell whether it's burnt or not. (Mwahahahaha)

It's so great to see someone who's actually interested in what I write. Thanks again, and please, if you're interested in any of those 'stories' (read concepts) don't hesitate to ask me for them! :):)   

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@Nathrangking How the damnation did I miss your storming post? So sorry!

1. It costs as much as invested metal weighs on Yolen, if it's left on a tree in the mists. Hope that's a clear answer!  

2. Scadrial, cause it's so damnation cool.

3. The Prestige. It has my favourite couple of things - characters memorable, plot intriguing, and sleight of hand.

4. Veracity. It's not a confirmed shard, but it's my personal theory and I think it's really possible to occur.

5. A...what where they called again? A kandra? Yeah that.

6. Hoid, just so I can die with some Wit :P 

7. Pepzi, although they're both worse than each other. SOLO trumps all!

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In the event of a Zombie squirrel apocalypse, on a scale from one to twelve, which are your favorite color of the alphabet?

Which is your 4th favorite finger?

What is the 14th letter of your full name if the names are backwards yet still in order?( hi to go gives ih ot og)

What is your favorite color?

What is your Hogwarts house?

Which was/is your favorite class/subject in school?

Which order of radiant would you be in?

Aluminum gnat or duralumin gnat?

 Which misting and ferring would you choose to be?

Favorite cosmere character?

Least favorite cosmere character?(both preference and plot-wise)

You get 1 cosmere power, which will you choose? Single metal of single type, single surge, lets say: 200 breaths, single aon, that kind of thing. 

I forgot my most important question:

Would you like a cookie?

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