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2018, March 1-4 Seattle Comic-Con


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1 minute ago, Overlord Jebus said:

Nice! I checked out Jemma's booth, I ADORED the Fused painting (I believe it was Leshwi).

And unfortunately not, I had R'sharas on my phone at the time so I asked hers first (After all of my own). He said no more just as I was about to move onto yours :(

I'm still out here for another 2 weeks so I might give some of that stuff a go!

Sounds good! If you're looking for places to eat, Blazing Bagels is amazing, as is Mox Boarding House (They're a board and card game shop with a restaurant attached where you can borrow games while you eat, tons of fun). Hope you have a good few weeks.

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5 hours ago, Pagerunner said:

Can you clarify which questions you asked? The links I'm following are taking me to different #s. Alternatively, you can feel free make an Arcanum account and edit those in on your own.

Sure thing:



First, just please tell me anything about Nightblood--the book or the Type IV Awakened object. Or Warbreaker--the book or the Type II.

Although I was mistaken, Warbreaker is a Type I awakened object, not Type II.



Can you tell me anything about Zahel / Warbreaker / Vasher? I was very disappointed I didn't see him in Oathbringer. I was waiting for him.



Who had custody of Nightblood before Nale?

That one appeared to be linked properly, somehow.


50 minutes ago, Khyrindor said:

walked along the pier and Pike's Market

As a native, and a pedant, I feel compelled to correct this common misconception. The market is on Pike Place, which is attached to Pike Street. Thus the market is the Pike Place Market. No possessive. 

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Pedantry, don't mind me
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4 hours ago, Khyrindor said:

Also, shout out to @CaptainRyan for being an awesome person to play the Mistborn House War game with! That alone made the trip worth it. 

It was great getting to meet you in person! Same goes for the other two who were there. That was my first time playing House War and wow, it is a really fun game!

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