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Warbreaker 2

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43 minutes ago, Bondsmith Eregion said:

Warbreaker has always been my favorite Cosmere book and I’ve been so hyped for the sequel. Just wondering if anyone had any speculation what’s going to happen in the book and when it’s going to come out? Love to hear your guys thoughts

Agreed! Mistborn is my favorite series of all time, but as far as stand-alone books go Warbreaker has a special place in my heart. It’s just so unique and fascinating!

Anyway, Brandon has made his intentions pretty clear. Go to his website and search for “State of the Sanderson” for more info, but basically, the sequel (only 1 is planned) will be called Nightblood and will fill in the gaps of what happened between Warbreaker and the Stormlight Archive. Unfortunately, it’s pretty far down on his to do list- after Stormlight5 if I remember correctly, which means we still have several years to wait. *sigh*:(

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Just a reminder to everyone, Oathbringer spoilers are not currently allowed in this subforum. I know it's tough, but them's the rules. Anyone whose posts I had to hide can feel free to make a new topic in Cosmere Theories for the subject, though.

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