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who is hoid in mistborn.

the shard master

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TFE: He is the begger named "Hoid" that Kelsier meets with.
WOA: He helps the Terris refugees and his foot prints are seen near the Well of Ascension (although I think this may have been retroactively changed).
HoA: He is the informant that Vin gets spooked away from meeting with (See Secret History for why she is spooked, @Weltall explains this well in the next post).
AOL: He is the scruffy beggar at the wedding the Vanisher's appear at.
SOS: He is the coachman named "Hoid"
BOM: He is the beggar in New Seran named "Hoid" that throw the Coppermind coin at Wax.

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Yeah, he's obvious in all the books but Well of Ascension and Alloy of Law since he's going about with his usual name, and Wax doesn't seem to notice he's met the man twice in Era 2. For the non-obvious books we have Word of Brandon and for WoA we have Secret History as well.

Speaking of Well of Ascension, Brandon mentioned that he necessarily retconned what Hoid was doing in that book with the release of Secret History but since the only thing it actually changed was a single annotation rather than anything actually published, it's not a huge deal. So yeah, he's seen in the book helping the Terris refugees and those are still his footprints at the Well. As for what he went to Terris for, we still don't know. Brandon was asked this recently and he did canonize what Hoid was doing but just then he couldn't recall what it was. I don't know if the person who asked followed up to establish the specifics.

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