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Roshar, Adonalsium, and the links between worlds


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               As I am relatively new to both the forums and the Cosmere in general, the following ideas may already have been covered in full or part in the past. Still I would like the chance to put forth my theory into the link between the Stormlight Archive and the Cosmere universe as a whole.  Feel free to debate, debunk, or otherwise smack me (proverbially) atop the head.  Also, I have yet to get far in Words of Radiance so if anything I say is thoroughly debunked there I apologize.


Alright, as I keep thinking back to Way of Kings and how important it is to the universe overall, the opening sequence with the Heralds and the breaking of the Oathpact is what weighs heaviest on my mind.  I know the numbers don’t match up completely but perhaps they are the shards of Adonalsium in human form.  Considering we don’t know what caused the splintering in the first place this is really reaching but I think it is possible a war began for control of the vast power of Adonalsium and Roshar is the planet most like the original.  The Heralds could be the shards that felt drawn to try to restore as much of Adonalsium as possible while the Desolation is actually a number of shards fighting to take whatever power they can. 


Thus the ages spanning war we see in the prelude to Way of Kings raged on.  As we all know the Heralds eventually break from this and leave the world to the Radiants.  This could be the start of a new plan to draw some, or all, of the six Desolation shards away from the struggle there.  The only example I have to support this part of the theory is the existence of Preservation and Ruin.  Going along with this current line of thinking, Preservation would be one of the Heralds while Ruin the Desolation. 


It is possible all the worlds of the Cosmere were ‘created’ when the splintering occurred but not actually occupied until the Heralds split and inhabited them, leaving the last Herald on his own.  At this moment is when I think Roshar as we see it in the books was truly born.  Most of Adonalsium’s original power is still there.  Hence the shardblades, shardplates, and Hoid being more of a focus than an easter egg as he previously had been.

Additonaly, all the worlds are possible not only linked by being in the same universe and from the same original shard but also by the Shadesmar, which I believe to be a sort of ‘portal between worlds’ and thus how Hoid and others are able to travel.


I’ve also been kicking around an idea that Hemalurgy is actually a good art, or at least started out that way.  Possibly even being the way Adonalsium split and gave his powers to the newly formed shards.  Maybe even abilities or knowledge are somehow stored in the shardblades and passed down to the next bearer of them.  This could be an ability that was lost or perhaps is only integrated into the first ten blades that the Heralds wielded.  Which would mean at least one of those still exists on Roshar since it wasn't sealed in the stone.



Okay, there’s my whole brain-dump of information that I've kept in for many, many weeks. :lol:

I'll add more thoughts and corrections to this as I progress farther in not only Words of Radiance, but any and all Cosmere novels!

Maybe someone will get a little enjoyment out of all this rambling and hopefully everything I've just typed out hasn't already been debunked or discussed to death before.  Fingers crossed!


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I hate to be that guy, but there is really nothing supporting your idea, and a lot supporting the conventional model. Least of all, the Heralds are known as the Heralds of the Almighty, who in turn is a Shard himself. Honor, to be specific. And we kind of already know that Honor, like the other Shards, is a piece of Adonalsium. So, even if nothing else was available, we know the Heralds are at least one step away from being Shards. Not to mention that they are far too weak compared to beings like Ruin or Odium. 


I am sorry, I don't know how to kindly shoot down ideas... =\ I like your enthusiasm?

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No need to apologize, thank you for you input!  Honestly, in a way I WANT to be shot down.  It would be rather disappointing if I put together anywhere near the 'right' theory starting out.  All I wanted to do was get out some potential ideas knocking around in my brain and spark some discussion on it.  So again, thanks for contributing :)

Now I just need to progress farther in Words of Radiance and finish Warbreaker so (hopefully) I'll have something more substantial to add

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