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White Sand/Aether of the Night Mobi?


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So, hopefully this is the right place for such a question. Would it be be both possible and legal for the 17th Shard to make and destribute Mobi files for people seeking to read this via their Kindle devices?

I am new to the kindle and having looked up the process it seems a little beyond my capabilities to convert a word document to mobi. I have already put some mobi files on my paperwhite and was hoping for Aether and White Sand.

If not I understand, but thought I would ask. Thanks!

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It is not legal for us to do this or distribute it. We asked Dragonsteel if we could do this, and we can't. Though, you can convert it yourself. (I don't know the specifics but I thought there are automatic converters for this, I think.) 

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Appreciate the answer and the effort you made. I've never used a automatic converter for anything, but I will look into it more. Perhaps it is easier than I am imagining it. Thanks again!

Edit: I eventually picked a free online converter and was able to figure it out. It is apparently easier than I thought! I will provide the website I used. If it violates some rule for the site I offer my apologies and ask the administrators to remove the link:


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Either Kindle has changed their file conversion or I have just recently figured out the best way to read White Sand and Aether on Kindle. Just send the docx file, that was given to you, it to your individual Kindle email account and it will automatically convert for you. Much better formatting results than the previous way. Recently sent a pdf file and it also turned out well. Not perfect, but still pretty good and a vast improvement on my earlier method. Here is the link


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3 hours ago, susebronthegodking said:

Hi! I'm new here. Just wanted to know if I can get a copy of Aether in the night, epub version?
Thanks in advance

You can get Aether by posting in the Unpublished Works forum.  This is the only way to get the novel.  

It comes as a Word document, so you'll have to use some of the above mentioned methods to convert.  

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