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Hi, everyone!

I'm new to the site, but I've been reading BS's books since, like, 2014ish. I still have a lot to read up on in regards to the entire Cosmere, but I'm excited to start learning! (Although a little overwhelmed, tbh.) I finally got OB in the mail on the 7th and finished it last night, so I'm glad I found people to talk about it with! (In the appropriate area of course, I wouldn't want to spoil anyone! ^_^)

Anyway, I'm super shy, so I'll probably spend most of my time reading around here instead of posting.

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Welcome to the Shard, have an upvote. 

Which cosmere books have you not read yet. 




  • As a gift from a fellow shard member. 
  • Laying in some long forgotten thread. 
  • Passed out for free from a person with spikes for eyes. 
  • From a person who keeps referring to themselves as a kite with a cut string. 

You've been warned. Don't lower your guard, they sense weakness. 

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Thanks! :D

I haven't read The Hope of Elantris, and Whitesand. My husband and I listened to Arcanum Unbounded during a road trip, but I tend to zone out while listening to books, so I definitely have to read that again. All I remember from that is The Emperor's Soul and Edgedancer.

Everyone sure seems to love to either give cookies or warn against them. haha Okay, I've been warned. :) 

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