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Game of Tomes!


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Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen and Welcome to GAME OF TOMES. Cue thunder and lightning. Now some of you can't help it, you read really fast. Some of you have to go back work, others have to get their Sanderson fix, and some of you love the challenge.


Now how you play is simple. You look at when you star reading the book and when you finish. You may only count the amount of time spent reading. if you made yourself a bagel, the time spent making Doesn't Count. If you read the pre-chapters and decide to skip the first few Doesn't Count. You must start at the beginning of Words of Radiance. Also you can't keep rereading the book to lower your time. You must swear on a truth spren (I know you are out there!) to play Honestly. The person with the lowest time is declared KING/Queen of READING!!! until the next book. Then there is a new ruler. The person with the lowest average time of the 9 Books (yes 9 because Way of Kings already happened) is declared EMPEROR OF READING! also the person with the highest time spent reading is named Court Jester and may in fact be Hoid in hiding. 


Let the Game of Tomes Commence , you either win or you DIE!

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