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How do I get the revised "Words of Radiance" ebook (Kindle)? Spoilers WoR.


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I have a signed copy of the original hardcover, so having the revised ebook wouldn't bother me in the sense that it might some.

I remember reading about the change some time ago, but haven't done a Stormlight re-read since, or just rolled with the original when I did.

In the original, Kaladin killed Szeth. In the revision, he doesn't. So unless Brandon ditched the revision due to backlash, I'd like to read the revised version even though the events after Szeth's fall don't entirely matter for death or not.

I actually bought the ebook version as well, but Amazon is showing me the original. I thought there was supposed to be an update of sorts? I don't see any way to update/sync to the newer version. Even the one on Amazon's website itself is the old one, at least for me.

Just curious. Thanks!

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