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Good evening!

Cheat Commando

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Long time fan, always read the what's-what on this site, finally had a comment to make so I got an account!

The world I enjoy most is Scadrial, perhaps because the three magic systems just blew me away when I first read the books (Mistborn trilogy was the first thing I read).

Roshar is cool too; at the beginning the constant mention of spren annoyed me to death, but now they complete the atmosphere of Roshar and SA would not be what it is without them. :)

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Oh wow, the Ooklas have spoken. Hemalugy is worrisome, in a word.

Until I get that actual brownie from The Idiot, you ain't gettin' my Breath, Elephant. :)

(But that raises a good question.... Would being a Drab Mistborn be significantly weirder than being a normal Mistborn?)

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