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[OB] Odium after SA


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So, there's a WoB that has got me thinking.



RAFOed I'm sure, but you said you are planing 2 arcs of 5 books each in Stormlight Archive. Having read all of your published works (and some unpublished:)) I know your storytelling pace is astronomicaly quick. I'm positive you will end current desolation story in the first 5 books, since as I understod, other 5 books will be set in near future in SA universe. So I guess my question is; can you drop any hint will Odium survive to see 6th SA book:)?

Brandon Sanderson

Oh, Odium will survive. Now, whether the one HOLDING that power will survive...that's a different question. :) (Not quite a RAFO.)

So, what do you think will become of Rayse? And additionally, who do you think would be a viable choice for holding Odium if Rayse dies?

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This is quite interesting and ties in with something I was planning to raise:

From Arcanum Unbounded we have on the Rosharan system:


"Odium. Be aware that this system is the current habitation of the Shard of Odium on the Physical and Cognitive Realms."

from this WoB we see that this essays were written before Sixth of the Dusk but is a little more vague about the timing of when they were written. I take it circa Mistborn Era 2 and SA would not be a bad guess. Still, the wording of both got me thinking about post-SA possibilities for Odium and its Vessel:

Odium the Shard could be:



-Relocated to another planet within the system (Ashyn, Roshar itself)

-Move out of the System

-Remain as is

-"Diminished" (inspired by Ambition's fate -"mortally wounded", losing lots of investiture, fleeing the system - so, losing a hole chunk of Investiture,but not necessarily fatal to the Vessel).


Odium Vessel combinations could be:

-Vesseless (unlikely)

-human/Parsh (wouldn't that be a twist!)... spren, could that occur - the whole "Investiture becoming self-aware" (had Dor not been stuffed into the Cognitive Realm, could the skaze and seons somehow merge/transfrom and form a new Vessel)?

-more than one entity fusing to become a Vessel (based on some thoughts re fusing multiple entities for making of Unamde here) - could that occur with two people Ascending simultaneously? Or, how about, a Knight Radiant bonded to a spren - what happens then (pretty much what follows next with the Dalinar situation)?


Re Vessel Candidates (do not fancy any of them particularly...):

-there is, of course, Taravangian - the cold hate version

-Venli or Rlain?  The representatives of the Listeners culture on both sides of the divide, managing to channel the Intent into something less destructive and more meaningful and helping break millenia-old cycle of hatred

-Dalinar could become the Honourable Odium, but... too obvious?

-not going to happen, but would be interesting to consider -what would have happened had Evi become the Vessel? (At least initially, before, like with Ati, the Intent overpowering the Vessel.)



To answer the actual question - I think that the stakes have been upped quite a lot in this Desolation, status quo is destroyed, and I think this should have Cosmere wide implications, including changing of the Vessel, at the very least (I think this scenario is not Sandaresque enough, so surely a couple of additional twists must follow).









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Huh, if Rayse does bite the dust prior to Stormlight 6 it would ratchet the threat and tension down alot in my opinion. Since the danger of Odium has never simply been the power but the mind behind it. Even if he or she is a thoroughly unpleasant person, I doubt any newbie will be as capable at using the Shard as a guy who has had thousands upon thousands of years of practice. 

If we have to pick a likely replacement then after OB my money is on Moash... Err... I mean "Vyre" 

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This idea extends a little beyond the sixth book, but while listening to the Shardcast episode the letters, someone, I believe @WeiryWriter , brought up that while Odium seems evil, Autonomy's slow claiming of planets is an it creepy. That led me to an idea. What if Autonomy is the final boss of the Cosmere, and Rayse is instrumental in stopping her? Rayse has the knowledge and experience of splintering shards. I'm wondering if SA will end with a truce that puts Odium on the good guy's side. 

Besides, who believes that Brandon will make the true villain of his story someone named hate? That's just too obvious. 

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