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Journey before destination.


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Hello everyone, I'm Ruthara, or just Ruth if you'd like. You may also refer to me as Your Pancakefulness. I'm a huge Sanderson fan, but new to the 17th shard. I'm currently reading Oathbringer and, unsurprisingly, love it. Of the 24 Sanderson books I've read, Stormlight is by far my favorite series. 

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I hate a lot of things, sporks, shoes, spikes and, Sades. I have good reasons for hating most of these things, my reason for disliking the dark alleys cookies is the idea of using shaders as lab rats to test the effects of hemalurgicly splicing the soul ;), in addition to this I am quite certain that your cookies have not ben approved by the FDA. I have sworn to abide by the precepts of the Assassins in Technicolor and will fight for the safety of each sharder threatened by caliginous baked goods.  


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