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[OB] Bavadin, the Sleepless

Sam Script

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Well I haven't fully read Oathbringer yet but I've spoiled myself about the Letters part, and one of my sharder friend suggested one interesting point: (maybe someone has proposed this idea b'fore, then pardon me and skip this thread)

Most of us agree that the author of 2nd OB letter was Bavadin, and we might think that the "we"s or "us"s are referred to as other Shards following non-intervention policy...

But what if BAVADIN IS ACTUALLY ANOTHER SLEEPLESS-LIKE CREATURE??? I mean, Bavadin refers to thyself as "we" in the whole letter, and the very avatar on Obrodai might be another aspect of its entity.

Lastly, that very WoB discussing about the gender of Autonomy's vessel seems to suggest that Bavadin is not merely pure male or female,supporting our speculation here. Being not able to quote it here yet, so I would appreciate u a lot if anyone can provide the resource and let's have further conversation on this topic:)

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I suspect he has different aspects of himself across all the shardworlds, acting kind of like Hoid, but more subtle and knowingly planned. In particular, the captain of the Luthadel guard in Mistborn, Bevidon, besides having an almost identical name, always stuck out in my head as a strange character. He appears suddenly in the story, gives Ham some news that winds up being the catalyst that completely changes the course of the story, and then disappears from the narrative never to be heard from again.

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