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A reminder of spoiler policies


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Hey all, with Words of Radiance fast approaching, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the spoiler policy.

All Words of Radiance spoilers belong in the Words of Radiance spoiler board. There, you will be able to freely talk about the publicly released sample chapters, and when the book comes out, obviously the book itself.

if you must post a Words of Radiance spoiler elsewhere (such as in the Stormlight board or General Brandon Discussion), they must, without exception be marked as such. That said, feel free to request a moderator to move the topic to the Words of Radiance board. To mark spoilers, use this:

Words of Radiance spoilers:

(put spoilers here)
If you somehow manage to acquire a copy of Words of Radiance before Tuesday, do not post any information on the book until Tuesday, even in Cosmere Theories or the Words of Radiance board.

Posts violating these policies will be removed/edited immediately.

One last thing! When the book comes out, please refrain from putting out big book spoilers in the topic titles.

The overall spoiler period for Words of Radiance will be around six months. After that point, the Words of Radiance board will be merged with the Stormlight Archive forum, as it can be reasonably expected that people who want to discuss Stormlight Archive in great detail would have read it by then. This seems like a much better solution than having different boards for each Stormlight book, which in my opinion would be overkill.

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Question: will/should there be any temporary spoiler mark for WoR in the Cosmere Theories section? I know it's usually tag free, but since the book will have literally just come out (and no doubt the beta readers already have theories all set for posting at midnight :P) will there be a temporary layover time?

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I just made a theory post that went into Stormlight just before reading this. I posted a warning about spoilers and only mentioned one thing briefly in a theory generally just about the pacing of the series, is that okay?

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