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Hello, Feel Your Emotions Being Rioted

Devout Pathian

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Hi all,

I started reading Sanderson in the summer and I’ve finally gotten around to making an account on 17th Shard, even though I spend way too much time on this website, when I should be doing something more productive like doing my college homework.

I started with Mistborn and then Stormlight, so I still have a lot to read, but it should be a great ride.  I’m really looking forward to getting my copy of Oathbringer in the mail tomorrow.  Funny thing my roommate checked the mail and said there was two packages today.  I slightly hoped one would be mine, but then I remembered it was Monday and not Tuesday.

Anyway, I’m rioting anticipation for Oathbringer, then subsequently anticipationspren appear around all of us.  It’s not like they weren’t there before.  I’m just a trouble maker.  I should be more helpful and riot patience so we can all last until tomorrow, but hey who wants to be patient?

I’m glad to be apart of this crazy community.

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No problem @MacThorsten, although I do have to say you should really get yourself out of that bakery, it tends to warp the mind. :blink: And just a little tip @Aurora the Rioter , don't go down the Dark Alley, it's pretty shifty. :ph34r:

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