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Era 1 fairings?


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So in the era 1 books it talks about ferochemists and how they were rare.cbut then in era 2 they disappear. I know that there have had to be more than three ferochemists at a time in era one what happone to them? And also were their fairings in era 1 or just full I don't remember if it was mentioned.

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Feruchemists weren't necessarily rare, they just only occurred in the Terrismen. They don't necessarily disappear, the lines just got mixed with allomantic lines and produced ferrings instead. Ferrings didn't exist before this mixing. 

I'm a little confused what you mean that there had to be more than three feruchemists at a time. Could you clarify? 

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Era 1 Feruchemists are rare because they are being hunted down by TLR and the Steel Inquisitors. There was probably a couple dozen or so, but they'd all be in hiding, and for good reason. (Then they stopped hiding in book 3 and most of them got slaughtered)

Ferrings(Single Power Feruchemists) did not exist whatsoever in Era 1 for the same reason Full Mistborn don't exist in Era 2. They aren't the natural state of the magic, and require meddling with the system in order to happen.

TLR essentially created Mistborn via the Lerasium beads, and the system tried to revert back to normal(which is why Mistings got weaker each generation as time went on, until it bottoms out in Era 2)
Ferrings were created by interbreeding Mistings and Feruchemists. The Spiritual "genes" for Allomancy and Feruchemy intermix and do funky things(like Twinborn).



Why do the Twinborn in Alloy of Law have only one feruchemical power, when all previous feruchemists, in spite of breeding programs, could use all the metals? (from travyl) Or were Ferrings always part of the system and we just didn't meet them in Mistborn? (my addition)

Brandon Sanderson

The Ferrings are a new development since Mistborn, as the Feruchemists have been interbreeding with the Allomancers. Basically, the Allomancy genes interfere with the Feruchemistry genes, breaking it down and creating the limitations we see in Alloy of Law. (His response to this was really fun—he found it a very perceptive question, and enjoyed talking about it. I wish I'd had my recorder handy so I could give you the full transcript instead of the boiled-down version.)

Full Feruchemists don't exist in Era 2 for the same reason Mistborn existed in Era 1: People meddled with the natural order. TLR supercharged the normal Allomantic power level with Lerasium, and we got Mistborn. Interbreeding mixed two Magic Systems that were always kept separate, and Full Feruchemists faded from existence as a result.

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