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Speculation on Dalinar's Wife


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That's true, this discussion is probably out of place in the WoR forum. Perhaps it should be moved. 


Still, I think this is an interesting topic. I always assumed Dalinar's wife was dead for some reason. Is that a known fact? Perhaps his wife died as part of the curse

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Not an incorrect assumption. Dalinar states at the beginning of The Way of Kings that she died ten years ago. Don't know which chapter because my mom stole my copy.

I just found it. Thanks for remembering that. I never noticed it before.


Fool, he thought, tearing his eyes away from her. Your brother’s widow. With Gavilar dead, Navani was now to be treated as Dalinar’s sister. Besides, what of his own wife? Dead these ten years, wiped by his foolishness from his mind. Even if he couldn’t remember her, he should honor her.

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