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[OB] (OB Spoilers) Always blown away by tiny foreshadowing

Fifth of Daybreak

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Just wanted to share a moment I just had going through Way of Kings.  Brandon always impresses me with these one-liners that pack serious punches later on in the story, and as a fledgling writer, it's really humbling to see just how well planned all of this is. 


He stayed just a little ahead of the line of his men. A Shardbearer needed space to fight; the Blades were so long that hurting one’s companions was a very real danger. His honor guard would approach only if he fell or encountered trouble.

Sanderson, Brandon. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, Book 1) (p. 777). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. 


Which we now know isn't something he was taught, but he learned. 


Dalinar grinned in satisfaction, then grew chill. A few of those bodies with burned eyes—three men he could spot—wore blue. His own men, bearing the armband of the elites.

It just makes me happy so I wanted to share. Sanderson books get better with age and the more you read them. I can't wait to get my fix in tomorrow morning.

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