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The official unofficial Looking For WOBs thread

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I've got ideas for a few questions to ask Brandon at the Oathbringer release.  I just wanted to make sure I'm not wasting them by asking questions that have already been officially answered.  So can I get some Sharders to double-check these and see if any of them have answers?  (Official WOB or canon answers only, including RAFOs; I'm not looking for fan theories.)

Also, if any of the rest of you have question ideas, feel free to post them here and we'll see if we can weed out any that have already been answered.

(Please note that the nature of this means there may well be unmarked spoilers ahead.)

  1. We've been told that the world is flat in Shadesmar, and that if a Radiant tried to sail around the ocean, they'd find a place where their spren would have a lot of trouble continuing because of this.  Is the Origin of Storms located somewhere on this this "discontinuity line"?
  2. It's an established principle that a person with two powers actually has three powers, because the two can interact in interesting ways to produce a new effect.  How does this work with Sazed, who holds Preservation and Ruin?
  3. The Diagram cult seems to derive all of their moral authority for the atrocities they commit from literally nothing more than "this is a really, really smart plan."  But a big part of their "smart plan" is based on something that seems, on the face of it, really, really dumb: gathering intelligence from the Death Rattles despite knowing full-well that the source of them is a spren of Odium.  Have they ever considered the possibility that Odium's side might be aware of this and somehow feed them disinformation?
  4. We recently learned that Ettmetal is Harmony's god-metal.  Its chemical properties are similar to that of cesium, exploding violently on contact with water.  Considering how watery the human body is, this means that any attempt to swallow it, spike someone with it, or even wear it as jewelry will invariably end in disaster, making it completely unsuitable for any use of the Three Metallic Arts.  Why would Harmony pick something so... inharmonious?
  5. Syl appears to be a windspren at first, but none of the other Radiants' spren look like any familiar spren types.  What makes her (Honorspren in general?) so special?
  6. Does the word spren originate from the language of the Listeners?
  7. Would it be accurate to call Aimians "watchers" in the same sense that Parshendi are "listeners"?
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8.So we know that spren are ideas given physical expression. That being the case does that mean that if people started to believe in something new say the power of electricity would that in turn create new spren? If yes could that potentially mean that greater variations of KR are possible? If not why not?

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9. There are two things in the Cosmere (aside from people using Allomancy) that are known to be able to forcibly drain Investiture out of someone: a <what was that weird bug called?> and Nightblood.  Is there any significance to the fact that both of them ended up in Nale's possession?

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