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Radiant dreams


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I just noticed each of our main characters has weird experiences. 

Kaladin dreams of storms.

Dalinar experiences the visions. 

Renarin sees the future or something. 

Shallan draws weird drawings.

I think these are related, somehow. Perhaps being a radiant connects you to the outside world or something. 

I am curious if some sort of weird experience is related to each Order, but I don't know. Or if it's specific to those members, given that the other truthwatcher we've seen (Ym) didn't mention weird visions. 

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Many of the Radiants seem to have some kind of mental ability. Shallan can see things that have happened elsewhere in the world. She draws the crew of the Winds' Pleasure washing ashore several days after they must have done this, shortly after she thought of them while sketching without thinking and she draws a woman (probably the Herald Shallash) smashing a statue of her own face right after she prayed to Shallash. Kaladin can ride the storms and speak to the Stormfather during the storms. While doing this he can see what is going on, what conflicts and fighting is going on around the world. Dalinar gets visions of the past direct from the Almighty and something happened at the end of Words of Radiance that was different, some kind of vision of his own past. I am also not sure what is happening to Renarin. We know too little about how his abilities work but he appears to have some visions of the future. Lift seems to have some supernatural ability to communicate and empathize with, to understand, people both verbally and emotionally. 

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