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A Fix for Jar Jar Binks. (Spoilers for Star Wars Pre-quels and Clone Wars)

Fifth of Daybreak

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So I recently watched the Clone Wars animated series. There was a lot of Jar Jar Binks for my tastes (I'm sure you understand.) But then I had a thought. This thought. Oh. This thought completely transformed how I viewed Jar Jar. 


Jar Jar Binks is a Ta'veren. 


We know just a few things about Ta'veren. They are spun out by the Pattern, which would be analogous in some ways to the force, to correct itself when it begins to drift from the intended pattern. We see them work in a few different ways, mostly by changing the probability of something happening. The impossible never happens, but the very unlikely can happen incredibly often. 


As unlikely as Qui Gon not using the force to move Jar Jar out of his way and instead letting Jar Jar jump on him before they both fell to the ground and let a giant hover tank run them over ultimately resulting and no bodily harm whatsover. Or that being just the thing needed to save Jar Jar later from whatever crime he committed to get him banned. And no matter how funny that 'bigger fish' quip was Qui Gon, you should thank the flaming Ta'veren in the boat with you that you're still alive. 

We can see a pretty clear demonstration of the Ta'veren pull at work. The damage to the spaceship forces them to land on Tatooine, where it isn't the Jedis or the royalty who meet Anakin Skywalker, but the other Ta'veren, doing his Ta'veren random chance thing by spitting out a Gorg leg rather than paying for it. 


On returning to Naboo, Jar Jar is made a Bombad General. That's quite a promotion for someone who was about to be executed, and while he wasn't much good in organized battle, he sure can retreat in style.



He was manipulated into giving the Supreme Chancelor, another Ta'veren, emergency powers giving him the ability to form the grand army of the republic. 


In a mission to Toydaria, Jar Jar displays some impressive skills with his dexterity, and his ability to manipulate people's attention at the same time. 




On Rodia, he gets mistaken for a Jedi, befriends a giant underwater monster, and they manage to save Amidala. 


Back on Naboo, he impersonates another gungan and is accepted without question, then goes on to best General Grievous (though, to be honest, that doesn't take much in the Clone Wars.)


There's a few other examples out there, but I don't want to dig through the whole clone wars, you get the picture. He was a major player and influence. He discovered Anakin, and in a way connected him to Amidalla and Palpatine by connecting him to the jedi. He was the thread the pattern set out to connect it all together to create the Empire. 

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9 hours ago, Faceless Mist-Wraith said:

Have you seen this?


It makes some interesting points and actually fixes many of the things people don't like.

I've heard of the theory but I've never taken the time to read it through until now. I think I like the idea of him being forced into the role by the pattern better, as it still allows for much of the same "fix" without giving him undue credit. But throw in a Ta'Veren status and we've got a credible reason for why someone could be that lucky all the time.

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I subscribe to the theory that Jar Jar Binks is actually a horrendously powerful Dark Sith Lord - thanks to a Robot Chicken episode. And he has been playing everyone against each other for years (and is continuing to do so using Snoke as his proxy) - before which he will reappear and force gungan lightning ball everyone to death before self-imploding and destroying episodes 1 - 3.


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