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A greeting and a question


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Hello there! So after reading Brandon's books for many years I finally decided to join this community. I really look forward in reading (and hopefully participating in) all these interesting topics gathered here. I'm from Germany but I read mostly all books in english as I don't really warm up to the german translations.

I just finished my reread of Way of Kings and will start rereading Words of Radiance tomorrow so that I can jump straight into Oathbringer. I'm really excited for the book and can't wait to read more about Kaladin, Dalinar, Shallan and co. To my shame, though, I have to admit that I haven't gotten to read Edgedancer yet. Is it important to have read the book before delving into Oathbringer? I definitely want to read Edgedancer either way but I'm really excited about Oathbringer and don't know if I will have the time to finish both Words of Radiance and Edgedancer before the official publication date of Oathbringer.

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Edgedancer shows a pretty huge change in an important characters motivations and world-view. You can read Oathbringer first, as long as you read it with the knowledge that a certain character who acts out-of-character really isn´t acting out-of-character, but has had significant development in Edgedancer.

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Thanks for replying!

Okay, that's very good to know. Maybe I will have to read Words of Radiance very fast then so I can read Edgedancer before getting to Oathbringer. Waiting a few more days for Oathbringer won't hurt, I think. Especially now that I know that Edgedancer is important. The book sounds pretty amazing in itself so I can look forward to it as well :)

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