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Many greeting from Madrid, Spain ^^


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Many Greetings from Madrid (Spain)

It's been now three years since I joined. During this time I did nothing else but read, and I didn't even introduced my self out of shyness, so well, maybe it's time xD :)

I loved Brandon since the first time I read Elantris (in Spanish). I remember I bought it because I read Orson Scott Card's praise for the book. And he is one of my favourites writers too (read Ender's game while I was eleven and I have like seven editions for the same book, and I enjoy the reread once a year or every two years). So I read the praise, along with the beautiful cover... And I took it home.

After that, Mitsborn came. I must confess it took me a while to read it, as by that time the Spanish cover was as ugly as scary, and I thought it had to be a horror/terror story. But a friend of mine was insisting like a lot on me reading the book. So well, in the end I did. And I simply loved Mistborn. I read both first books while communtinh between Madrid and Barcelona, as by then I was living in Barcelona. And when I finished them I looked for The Hero of the Ages all over Madrid but it was completely sold out. When I came back home I find it on one of my favorites bookshops. I was super emotional with the end of the story. It was so touching...

So on the next week, I went back to that bookshop, and bought Warbreaker. I think this is one of my favorite Brandon's stories. I love the magic system, and the description of the government/religion relationship. And here we are, like eleven years later still reading Brandon's books, and I'm super exited about what the future will bring. His evolution is impressive and Stormlight is just awesome.

Every new release is kind of an event at home, as my boyfriend and I both are sanderfans ^^. From time to time we write some articles, and translate somethings from English to Spanish. We have both English and Spanish editions for the books (and the Chinese edition of The Way of Kings, as is beautiful -we cannot understand it, of course...), almost all of them 1st/1st, some signed and some even also dedicated (which for us is difficult as he has just been two times in our country). We also have the roleplaying books (a hardcover for the original adventure!) and we're waiting for the Mistborn House War ^^ We also backed both Kaladin and Mistborn coin projects and it's like... I need to ask for a salary rise xD :_

Pleased to meet you all ^^


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