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Long time reader, first time poster


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I finally decided to join here after getting too annoyed with dumb fan theories on r/Stormlight_Archive. To be fair, I fully expect dumb fan theories here, too, just more diluted out with good theories quoting book text or WoB.

I didn't finish the first Mistborn trilogy. I just couldn't care enough about the characters.

I thought Elantris was just okay, though I can't name a single character from it. I think Brandon has gotten a lot better at making memorable characters over the years.

Edgedancer is currently my favorite work, as Lift is currently my favorite character. She is whimsical and nonchalant while still being deeply caring.

I'm excited for more Wax and Wayne and of course Oathbringer.

I'm looking forward to more of Cultivation in the game, as well as more cross-Cosmere characters showing up to combat Odium.



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Mistborn era 1 is amazing, in my opinion, one of these days you should give it another shot :P

I think at the moment, my favorite happens to be warbreaker. dunno why, just loved it.

Lifts also my favorite character as well :D


Don't accept the cookies. theyre spiked.


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