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Allomancer Jak & The Constructs Of Antiquity


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In the bands of mourning during the allomaner jak clipping from the broadsheets they mention that there are metal beings called kalkis, iv been looking for info with limited means and was wondering if anyone else might know about these ...? Cause someone else for the life of me i cant find the post but mentioned that the kolos in the roughs guard what sounds like a perpendicularity. : )

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The broadsheet stories should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially Jak and Nicki Savage. Not that there isn't useful information there (did you spot a certain worldhopper?) but there's a very good chance that the part of the story related to ancient automata is, shall we say, a Survivor-damned lie? :D

I think the Perpendicularity reference you're thinking of was from the Shadows of Self broadsheet, where the writer describes seeing a 'figure' by a pool that's described as 'the most perfect blue'. The byline talks about visitors from other worlds, which could well be a case of a sensational headline being accidentally correct. Anyhow, it's likely to be a Perpendicularity from the description but it didn't have anything to do with the koloss, it just happened to be located in the mountains south of the Southern Roughs. Amusingly, the author of this piece was the same as the author of the 'Constructs of Antiquity' piece, just going by Nicelle Sauvage instead.

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