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The Composium- A writing competition

Darkness Ascendant

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Hey guys so I'll be hosting a Weekly writing competition over on the SE creativity server  https://discord.gg/2kUugpF

Thor Ragnarok is released in one month here in Australia.
For this week’s Prompt-
Pick a fable, an epic, myth, an old play, any of those archaic texts (if you’re unsure PM me) and adapt it for the modern era. Beowulf is a young businessman saving his corporation from a lawsuit by Grendel Incorporated. Zeus is a young child exiled from the family business, and returns one day to wrest control of the business from his father and become head of the family. The Ride of Asgard is a stock market undertaking which through underground contacts and manipulation wroughts calamity upon the stock market. (I use wrought archaically). 

Anyway you get the point….why does everything to do with the modern world have to do with business or something  A question for another day, I’m sure you all will find your own creative ways to adapt those musty old tales.

Submissions and details are over in the channel.


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