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Feruchemy is truly Harmonies?


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I've said before that I think that if a magic system exists on a world and a Shard goes there, they would be limited to using the system that is already in place. So on Roshar, all three shards have to use spren and bonds because that system already existed on the world as developed by Adonalsium.

I believe this is why Ruin and Preservation chose to make their own world, rather than settle somewhere. They would have far more involvement in the not only the lives of the people they would create, but in the development of their magic systems.

By creating a planet, they were able to decide the focus of their world. And as the annotations of WoA tell us, Ruin intentionally placed the hole in Hemalurgy that allows for control of spiked individuals. 

So then, why did Feruchemy develop? Yes the investiture interacts with the world and each other, but could there be more to it? Shards exist primarily in the Spiritual Realm. A place that is both location, and to some extent time independent.

So here's my hypothesis. Ati and Leras, as the Vessels were most likely not aware of this, but what if on some level the investiture of the Shards knew that it would be joined? Could it be possible that the Shards them, and not the Vessels helped pave the way for the future they knew existed, by creating the magic system that both melds them together, and made their joining possible? 

I guess the real question is, does the Shard itself exist out of time, more than the Vessel is aware? 

Edit: what I think is happening here, is that the Shards truly exists outside of time in the Spiritual Realm. The Vessels, whether they be a person who took up the Shard or a sentience that developed, act as an anchor for the Shard into the Physical and Cognitive Realms so that the Shard can interact with a universe that is dependent on causality. 

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I've proposed that Leras and Ati chose to create their own planet so that they could pick a focus they want:

45 minutes ago, Calderis said:

So then, why did Feruchemy develop?

I believe it's just natural manifestation:



Feruchemy is the "balance" between Ruin and Preservation. Would any combination of Shards create a "balance" magic, so to speak, or are only certain Shards compatible?

Brandon Sanderson

Feruchemy ended up being a balance system, because of how polar Ruin and Preservation were. Any world with at least two Shards will result in a similar phenomenon.


Like Roshar?

Brandon Sanderson

Like Roshar. There is something like that going on there.


So I don't think there's much to this phenomenom of Feruchemy as being of two Shards. Surgebinding is of both Honor and Cultivation and they're not necessarily compatible or anything.

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Yes that actually seems to be fairly accurate. The intents of the shards do seem to act by themselves hence the two halves wanting to be reunited may in fact have paved the way for that unification to take place. With the creation of feruchemy a blueprint for harmony was seemingly created.

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