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Hi all,


I've been catching up on my Writing Excuses and in my car I heard the podcast that spoke of these plot flashcards. Unfortunately, I can't seem to dig up any information in the liner notes or archives -- especially because I cannot even remember what season I was listening to at the time.


Does anyone remember this episode? Can you help me with what the flashcards are called?




Kristina Lovell

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Do you mean the flashcard that give you ideas when you are stuck on your plot? Those cards were called Oblique Strategies. I don't remember the episode though.

The Oblique Strategies is from ep  8.35 Digging Yourself Out of a Hole with Jeph Jaques.


And if you're talking about flashcards to help plot arcs, in general, I don't remember the exact episode but it would be a plotting/planning episode - maybe the one on mystery/suspense writing? If that's what you're looking for, try this: http://www.adventuresinyapublishing.com/2011/01/writers-plot-board-getting-organized.html


The WE website search gives me ep 2.7: Using Writing Formulas with Bob Defendi, which is maybe what you were looking for? I don't recall anything on the topic in the past 2 seasons or so, but I could be wrong there.

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