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Hi everyone,  I'm so happy to finally be here^_^ I'm finishing up on my Cosmere binge read now, only got parts of the Arcanum Unbound left. Right now I'm reading Edgedancer and it's amazing! 

Anyway, there's a question I wanted to ask. I live in a country where only a small part of the Cosmere books have been translated. We only have the original Mistborn series,  The Stormlight Archive and Elantris (though this one is kinda rare...) so I was thinking about translating some of the short works so my friends could enjoy them too. Does anyone here know if this is possible legally? 

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Welcome to the shard where we can obsess over the Cosmere together! Have an upvote (and don't touch any food offered, they spike it if you get where I'm coming from). Which book is your favourite? (Bringing out the had questions, I know)

As for the translations, I'm no expert, but if it is just for your friends, and not for profit, it should be ok? I'm not sure though.

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Hey, welcome to the Shard! Have an upvote! Here's a spiked delicious cookie!



DISCLAIMER: Side effects of eating the cookie include, but are not limited to, gaining supernatural powers, hearing voices in your head, the sudden urge to kill everyone, and/or complete loss of control over your body and mind. Eat at your own risk.

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