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Shai, worldhopper?


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Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for reading this, and please don't be so harsh if you find some mistakes-English is not my first tongue. 

So, at the very end of The Emperor's Soul, Shai tells Gaotana that she might use her Way Out Essence Mark so she can forget her involvement with the Empire, but then, at the very end of the story, we discover that she has a new task, and, I quote, that is "tracking down the Imperial Fool, who had betrayed her". 

We know that the Imperial Fool is no other than Hoid, and that, in the deleted prologue, he tells Shai that they shall never meet again. This could be the end of the quest for any other character, but Shai has a huge understanding of the Realmatic Theory and is quite resourceful, so if she is out there hunting Hoid, my money is on her.

In order to achieve this, she would have to hunt Hoid across the Cosmere, and become a worldhopper like him to get out of Sel to begin her quest. So, I think she is a strong candidate for worldhopper, and perhaps she would even end up joining the Seventeenth Shard just to find him.

What do you think about this? Is it plausible, or is just plain crazy? 

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Nice to meet you! I'm not really a pro at Cosmere theory, but it might be possible for her to create a new Soulstamp for herself where she is a worldhopper? Then she could probably around tracking down Hoid just like the rest of the world.

Quick question: what's your first language? It's always cool to meet people from around the world here.

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