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two Forsaken vs Cosmere team

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  • Ishamael is allowed to use true power ,so is Demandred
  • Demandred has Sakarnen


Lord Ruler/Vasher/Kaladin/Szeth/Vin/Kelsier/Marsh

  • Everyone from Scadrial has 30 minutes Atium
  • No one knows Rashek's weakness
  • Marsh at his strongest
  • Kaladin has his shardblade 
  • Szeth has Jezrien's honorblade
  • people from Roshar has unlimited stormlight
  • Vasher has nightblood


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Well TLR can just go into hyperspeed and murder them both the instant the fight starts, barring that then as with any fight where you bring Chanellers into it, Balefire wins against pretty much everything.

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Unsheath Nightblood and toss him towards either Forsaken. Nightblood should drain whatever power they are using, so then it's  a one Forsaken v. Rest. Especially if the Lord Ruler duralumin-soothes the Forsaken. However, if the Cosmere characters dont make use of their fast kills, balefire ruins pretty much any plan.

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Ok, this is a hard one. The Forsaken are a bit op especilly with a sa'angreal, and banefire is extremely op.

Also, Marsh was exactly like the Lord Ruler at his strongest so there are basically 2 Lord Rulers. 

Does Vin have access to the mists to strengthen her?

Kaladin and Szeth could both lash the Forsaken down thousands of times over with unlimited stormlight

I don't really think Vasher would be very helpful unless he had the 50,000 breath, does he?

The Atium turns it into a waiting game because Vin, Kelsier, and Rashek can avoid getting hit for 30 minutes.

So, I'm not sure i considered all the factors but with the Super speed of Lord Ruler and Marsh, and the infinite lashing, The Cosmere team wins

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Unless TLR or Marsh can use feruchemical speed fast enough, I can't see how the cosmere group would have a chance. Forsaken make a solid air shield, and nothing other than emotional allomancy should reach them. Then they can fireball, deathgate and thunder all until they get a lucky hit. Only game changer would be Vasher with Nightblood, as the forsaken definetely count as the personification of evil :ph34r:.

Of course the more likely thing to happen would be Kelsier, Vin and Marsh attacking TLR, Kaladin and Szeth going at it, Ishy and Demandred keeping an eye and a half on the other, Vasher watching and deciding whether to engage or not, and against whom and all generally forgetting/ignoring who they are supposed to be fighting against:P.

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