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New Final Empire Map + Errors?


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Hey guys. I've forgotten to do this for quite a while (2017 has been absurdly busy for me), but I wanted to make a post about the new Final Empire map that came in with the Mistborn anniversary edition, and the poster that you can buy off Brandon's site. To my knowledge no one has posted this, but correct me if I'm wrong. 

Here's a link to the images: https://goo.gl/photos/UHt3jKcE5F3gTw1T8 (Except for some light reflection, you can see the text pretty well. Sorry about that.)

If you don't want to go to the album, here's the main image here (though you can zoom more in the Google photo of it):


It's a very cool stylistic map that has a lot of locations that were never on the world map prior, such as Mantiz (referenced in the Eleventh Metal story), Vetitan (site of the storage cache at the beginning of Hero of Ages), and more. It has the location for named plantations too, like Tresting. It's neat. 

Also cool: it canonizes the capital of the Southern Dominance as Austrex. This was a thing the Mistborn Adventure Game people made, so that's cool to get totally official. There's a brand-new city in the Southern Dominance, too: Lekal City. It's not mentioned in the books or at least in the base Mistborn Adventure Game. Perhaps it is mentioned in some of its expansions; otherwise, this is actually a brand-new city in Era 1 lore.  (I'm totally wrong oooops. Time to write a Coppermind article to make sure that mistake isn't made again!)


I looked at this for a long time and I identified what I believe to be two errors in it, though.

The first is regarding Tremredare and Fadrex City. In every dominance, the largest city icon represents the capital, such as Urteau in the Northern Dominance, Austrex in Southern, Tathingdwen in the Terris, etc. Except for the Western Dominance, where Fadrex's icon is clearly labeled as bigger than Tremredare's. I can only assume this means that this map is saying Fadrex is the capital of the Western Dominance.

But, that's totally not the case. In the beginning of chapter 25 of Hero of Ages:


Elend had been to the city [Fadrex] before. His father had made certain to introduce him in all of the Final Empire's main cultural centers. Fadrex hadn't been one of those, but it had been on the way to Tremredare, once known as the capital of the West. In forging his new kingdom, however, Cett had ignored Tremredare, instead establishing his capital in Fadrex. A clever move, in Elend's estimation—Fadrex was smaller, more defensible, and had been a major supply station for numerous canal routes.

I suppose there is some wiggle room, but it seems that Tremredare was the capital of the Western Dominance prior to the Collapse, and Cett deliberately did not make it his capital, and made Fadrex the capital instead.

Unfortunately, though one could rationalize this map as being after the Collapse, there's a date listed in the upper right, which is 1021, which is prior to the Lord Ruler's death.

All in all though that's a pretty small error--it's just an icon size issue. There's another error that actually has a city in the wrong location, and that is Suisna. 

Suisna is a city in the Central Dominance:


"A short time ago," Zane said, "my father let several hundred refugees through his barricade to approach the city. You know of the koloss army?"

Vin nodded.

"It attacked and pillaged the city of Suisna earlier."

Vin felt a start of fright. Suisna was only a day away from Luthadel. The koloss were close.

(From Well of Ascension chapter 34, the only mention of Suisna in the text)

However, on the map, you see that Suisna is waaaaay in the Eastern Dominance, southeast of Faleast. 

That seems really bad but I wanted to make sure that Suisna on the map was not somehow a single day apart. Fortunately in the first book we do get a scale of distance for this map. Regarding Holstep and the Holstep Garrison, which is located in the Central Dominance, it says that Holstep is just three days march from Valtroux:


Maybe, Kelsier thought. The Valtroux Garrison is only three days’ march from Holstep. Even riding all night, a messenger couldn’t have gotten to Luthadel in under two days. By the time I get to the army...

Valtroux and Holstep are pretty close on the map, so it's quite safe to say that Suisna, as depicted on this map, is not within a day from Luthadel.

Maybe these errors are already fixed but I wanted to mention them in case they were not known :)

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12 minutes ago, Yata said:

Maybe the "One day from" in Vin's mind is with his movement skills. In the books It's stated his horseshoes trick made her faster than a horse.

That's possible. But the distance of Suisna from Luthadel seems way farther even despite Vin's speed. Even in Kelsier and Vin's pewter run in the first book, they covered a very small distance compared to the distance we are talking about here. One's nearby, the other is halfway across the Final Empire.

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38 minutes ago, Chaos said:

. There's a brand-new city in the Southern Dominance, too: Lekal City. It's not mentioned in the books or at least in the base Mistborn Adventure Game. Perhaps it is mentioned in some of its expansions; otherwise, this is actually a brand-new city in Era 1 lore.


Hmmm perhaps I misunderstood what you're saying here? Lekal City was very much in era 1 (Hero of Ages).


Sazed glanced down, feeling slightly abashed. But, he could not deny Breeze’s remarks. Though the two of them had brought no army with them to Lekal City, they had indeed come to conquer.


Sazed glanced out the window beside his chair. Lekal City didn’t have a true palace—it had been just a country estate until about two years ago.


Everything was black—the hills, the road, the entire countryside. Trees drooped with the weight of ash on their leaves and branches. Most of the ground foliage was likely dead—bringing even two horses with them on the trip to Lekal City had been difficult, for there was nothing for them to graze on. The soldiers had been forced to carry feed.

Or did you mean the location is wrong? I feel a bit silly questioning you on something like this Chaos :)

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No, you're right, I'm apparently completely wrong and forgot that was a city.

I thought for sure I word searched this, but maybe I just searched the wiki and it wasn't there. But you're totally right. Oooooops :) 

Well, now I guess I need to write a Lekal City article on the Coppermind. That is a criminal oversight!

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Is there a reasonable explanation for why the one river splits into three segments near the city of Fadrex? Considering rivers don't really do that naturally. I haven't finished the Mistborn series so if there is a spoiler reason, just tell me there is but don't give me details haha. Otherwise it seems to be an error or oversight. 

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19 minutes ago, Resurgence said:

it's a question of, can a river continue to flow split in three directions, two of which go into a lake and one of which continues to the ocean.

Considering River Bifurcation is a thing in real life, I'd say yes.


River bifurcation (from Latin: furca, fork) occurs when a river flowing in a single stream separates into two or more separate streams (called distributaries) which continue downstream. Some rivers form complex networks of distributaries, especially in their deltas. If the streams eventually merge again or empty into the same body of water, then the bifurcation forms a river island.

River bifurcation may be temporary or semi-permanent, depending on the strength of the material which separates the distributaries. For example, a mid-stream island of soil or silt in a delta is most likely temporary. A location where a river divides around a rock fin, e.g. a volcanically formed dike, or a mountain, may be more lasting. A bifurcation may also be man-made, for example when two streams are separated by a long bridge pier.


Canada's aptly-named Divide Creek splits into two branches near Kicking Horse Pass on the Alberta-British Columbia border. One branch flows west to the Pacific Ocean; the other flows east and eventually reaches the Atlantic Ocean via Hudson Bay.

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