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Tor ebooks in the UK?


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I'm wondering if anyone here could point me to somewhere that I can buy TOR ebooks from the UK?

(Reason being, I'd like to re-read some of Brandon's works on the go, and my hardcovers are both heavy and starting to wear out and I don't really want to buy Gollancz (the UK publisher's) ebooks.

For an example of why i don't want to buy Gollancz, their ebook of way of kings comes in two parts with a price tag of £10 each, add the two together and that's twice as expensive as the Tor version on amazon.com but unless I'm quite mistaken I can't buy kindle books from amazon.com and use them on a UK device (correct me if I'm wrong here) - I tried dragonmount.com but they apparently can't sell their TOR ebooks outside of the US.

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30 minutes ago, Samaldin said:

I have Brandons ebooks on my phone (i´m using the amazon kindle app) and it works just fine for me (from Germany) to buy them through amazon.de, so are you sure it doesn´t work?

I could buy from Amazon.co.uk easily but they have the Gollancz versions not the Tor versions.

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On 17/04/2017 at 11:37 PM, WeiryWriter said:

Gollancz has the ebook distribution rights for Brandon's books in the UK, so I'm not sure there is a legal way of getting the Tor version there.

Well if that's the case it's very disappointing. I guess I'll stick with my hardcovers, I may have to buy TWOK again if I read it much more though... Ah well.

If I could get TOR ebooks in the UK I'd happily double dip for most of Brandon's books, but Gollancz's overpriced books with bad cover art are just not something I want to support.

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