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I was just skimming through Pawn of Prophecy, the first book of David Eddings's Belgariad. (I do this from time to time; these books are a guilty pleasure for me.) And I stumbled upon THIS:


Yep, "it's the way of kings!"

It's probably just a coincidence... but we do know that Brandon is an Eddings fan. He's read this book. So maybe, just maybe, this is a little Easter egg. (How topical!) After all, this quote seems relevant to a lot of Rosharan history -- especially modern Alethkar.



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Commenting on this QUITE a few years after this post. But just was doing a full reread of the Mistborn novels (Original, Wax&Wayne) and noticed a spy employed by Elend named Felt. We know he ends up being a worldhopper and knows Dalinar.

As soon as I saw his name and read his description (hawkish, etc.) I IMMEDIATELY thought of Silk from the Belgariad and Mallorean series! I wonder if Brandon has confirmed that connection or inspiration because they're both fabrics :)


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